We offer both Standard and Specialty Boxes.

Hey Man! be my Best man or Groomsman?

The time is here for us to do this. I need my man next to me to turn the page in my life and to help me turn up! Honestly. I need you to help me keep it together on my special day. I will likely forget everything, but I know you being there everything will work out just fine. This gift box is meant to bring together that brotherhood between the groom and his Best man and groomsmen.

Hey my bitch! Are we doing this because I can’t do it without you?

This box is similar to the standard maid of honor/matron of honor proposal except it includes the extra that this special extra ordinary pair of beautiful ladies deserve a special box that cements the love between them. This box is not basic! It gives the bride the opportunity to express her love in a special way that other proposal boxes just do not offer. A special box for a special maid/matron of honor.

Honeymoon Gift Boxes


Give the newly married couple a special gift box they can take on the honeymoon with extra special goodies in it for adding a little more spice to their new marriage. This is a honeymoon box they will not soon forget! It will also bring a smile to their faces to know you thought of them in this way. The gift box comes with our standard items and you can add extras to it as needed. A wedding gift is special, but a honeymoon gift is memorable.

Will you be my bridesmaid?

This is one of the most beautiful proposal gift boxes. It truly captures the essence of a friendship between a bride and her bridesmaid. This special moment is represented in a box full of love and trust

Will you be my maid matron of honor?


This gift box tells the story of love and history between the bride and maid/macron of honor, one that only they can fully share. The bridesmaid/matron of honor’s role is one that is monumental to help the bride with all the different twists and turns. She’s the one that keeps the bride calm and focused on the purpose the important parts of the day. This proposal box is intimate and personal with gifts to match the sentiment.

Will you be my ride or die bitch on my wedding day?

This box is the similar to the the standard proposal box except it includes that sentiment of love that only a bride and bridesmaid can quite get it with no explanation. This box offers sweet and lovely gifts! Get your proposal gift box today!